There’s a new working landscape and we are committed to helping you protect, develop and grow your business.

We offer pragmatic HR advice and services to you as an owner of a small tech business.

With our HR knowledge, experience and everyday common sense we can be your trusted HR business advisor.

Karen HRM is set up to focus on you, the small tech business owner, to give guidance and personal support when it comes to managing your people.

Running your own business is an exciting and an amazing thing to do.

Employing people in your business can also be daunting.  You now have responsibility for someone else’s welfare at work and income, not just your own.

There are many phases to managing people and many pitfalls along the way.  The Employee Life Cycle shows the phases of managing people.

From attracting in that first employee to terminating someone’s employment and everything in between, we can help you manage the associated people issue in any phase.

Contact us and let’s talk it through.

When you need to reduce your workforce, plan to keep the skills needed for the future, communicate well and minimise your risk

Over the coming weeks and months, we will be posting regular blogs and newsletters covering each of these employment phases.  These blogs will contain hints and tips learnt over time.

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If you have an issue or a concern around a particular subject, there is no need to wait for the next blog or newsletter, contact us now, as we’re always willing to find a way to help.

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