Backed by a successful track record in tech, Karen HRM is an independent HR Consultant to ambitious businesses in Surrey, Berks and Hampshire

Why choose an Independent HR Consultant?

Employing and managing people in a growing business frankly can be daunting.

Especially as these people are the key to your success.  By finding and keeping a great team, your business can scale rapidly, increase profits and hit financial targets faster.

You need an HR specialist to do this, because although some of this is intuitive, most people issues have important legal and compliance implications.

Running your own business is exciting and an amazing thing to do, but you need specialist help to avoid unseen pitfalls.

Take control with our flexible costing model

With an independent HR consultant, you have low risk access to a HR professional with the experience and skills to set up and manage your complete people processes.  We are not employed by you, you simply pay when you need us – for a specific project – a day a week – a day a month – you choose.

Helping you Manage the Employee Life Cycle

There are many phases to managing people and many pitfalls along the way.

From attracting in that first employee to terminating someone’s employment and everything in between, we can help you manage the associated people issue in any phase.

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