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Karen HRM is an independent HR consultant in Hampshire who offers commercially savvy professional advice and support to help businesses protect and expand their team and organization.

Karen HRM is a team of experienced HR experts, led by Karen Dolan herself, who specialize in offering professional HR  management services in Hampshire. Karen HRM possesses a specialist level of HR knowledge that helps us tailor HR support to different business sizes in various industries. We offer flexible HR services and support our clients throughout the entire way. Our HR experts will listen to your business needs, and demonstrate a constant commitment to providing the ideal HR answers to your business.

Let Karen HRM take care of your employee issues and all of the stress that arrives with them. We will help take care of those consuming daily matters that HR management entails.



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    Expert HR Consultant in Hampshire

    Employee Documents

    We offer packages for:

    • All-New Employee Documents
    • Employee Handbook
    • Employment Offer
    • HR Policies

    * All are updated and match your business requirements and style.

    Adhoc HR Support

    Require adhoc advice but aren’t really keen on committing to regular service, then this option is for you. Pay us only for the period of time you use. This specific service is offered via phone and email. It is billed in 15-minute intervals and charged hourly in order to provide complete flexibility.

    Project and Retained HR Management

    Projects and case-work may include:

    • Grievance
    • Redundancy
    • Disciplinary
    • Restructuring
    • Organization development

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    • Consultation

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    Why Is Human Resource Management Hampshire Important?

    • Strategy Management: Every organization needs to have good strategy management, as it plays a vital role in its success. It ensures that the organization reaches its goals, and contributes to the superior decision-making process, including assessing employees who currently work in the organization and predictions for potential future ones based on the business demands.
    • Benefits Analysis: HRM HR Consultant Hampshire helps businesses work towards decreasing costs, such as those involved with retention and recruitment.
    • Training and Development: Human resource management Hampshire helps strengthen employer-employee relationships by contributing to training and development programs. This ultimately leads to employee development within the organization, thus enhancing overall employee satisfaction & productivity.
    • Interactivity Within Company Employees: HRMs can help conduct activities and events in the organization that brings about team-building opportunities.
    • Conflict Management: When any sort of professional conflict takes place within an organization, the department one goes to is HR, which further displays the importance of solid human resource management in Hampshire. The ultimate goal is to prevent conflicts that may jeopardize the overall productivity of the employees.
    • Compliance: A good HRM works towards making an organization compliant with current employment laws, and maintains the hiring processes’ records and the applicants’ logs.

    The Woman Behind The Organization - Karen Dolan

    Karen HRM is the owner of Karen HRM. Her sole focus is to help business leaders develop, protect, and expand their business. She is often described as somebody who quickly builds trust and credibility and always remind friendly and respectful.

    Karen holds more than 25 years of experience in the field of Human Resources, having had worked in various software and hardware firms. These roles included senior HR-positions with some of the sector’s market-leading companies. She has managed both international and local teams.

    Karen’s approach focuses on carefully listening to the problems, providing possible solutions, and then closely working together with the business to go forward with an agreed plan.

    Whenever your company grows, so does its structure. You’ll have many questions pop up throughout the process – are more employees necessary? Further skill-sets? Can I handle it all by myself?

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