Do you know how and where to advertise a job? Recruiting staff is a great way to enrich and diversify your workforce but finding the right candidates can be a long, demanding process. Hiring (or retaining) employees can add value, a new perspective and innovation to your company, so, whether you need to fill a vacancy with an exact skill for skill replacement, or staff a completely new position, how can you ensure you attract the best talent? Read on as we explain how.

Recruiting internally

When it comes to recruiting for a new or existing position; advertising and hiring internally within your business should be the first port of call. Internal recruitment is an easier, faster process that offers many economic and practical benefits for your business.

It can save money on hiring, retraining and potential travel or relocation costs, as well as time. Most often an existing employee could settle in far sooner than someone external, having already familiarised with the culture and how the business operates. Recruiting or advertising a job internally, and therefore retaining employees, could also help boost your employer brand.

Advertising a job: A group of job seekers networking, discussing how and where to find a job
When it comes to recruiting for a new or existing position, advertising and hiring internally can offer many economic and practical benefits.

How and where to advertise a job

If recruiting internally is not a viable option for your company, then targeting the right job seekers by advertising externally (either via the local recruitment market or extending your search wider) is integral to finding the right person for your business, and taking them through to the selection process. Many different recruitment tools are available to help discover the finest talent pool, with the majority operating online.

Recruitment agencies offer a valuable, uncomplicated way of finding the perfect candidate, as they carry out all the hard work for you. From creating the job description and advertising the post on relevant websites, to sifting through many applications to present you the cream of the crop.

It may be a good idea to reach out to a range of different agencies to find the one that is right for you in order to maximise reach, interest and volume of applications. For this service, agencies usually charge a fee, so make sure you discuss a detailed specification of the type of person you are looking for before proceeding, alternatively your HR consultant can manage this for you too.

Online job boards

Another great means to advertise a job is via digital job boards. There are a range of online job boards which harbour a database of employment seekers ready and waiting to apply for your latest positons. Jobsite, Indeed, Monster, Glassdoor, Totaljobs and Reed are perhaps the most well-known, and advertise for a range of industries, from administration to hospitality. However, specialist boards exist to cater to the more niche industries – for example, The Dots for creative roles and CharityJob which covers the charity career sector.

LinkedIn is another great tool for discovering talent. Akin to its social media counterpart Facebook, candidates can set up their own profiles detailing their CV and career experience and can be contacted directly via private message. Recruiters and businesses can post their vacancies directly on the site too to capture the attention of job seekers trawling for specific keywords and career openings.

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